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 #003   Aluminum Reinforcement Plate

Suitable for using with #001 Aluminum Solid Front Bumper.  You can make double plates for better stability by simply adding a Reinforcement Plate to the Front Bumper.  Package includes two Aluminum Reinforcement Plates.

#010.jpg #010   Sidewing Roller Set

When the side roller on the weak plastic type of Sidewing hits the corners at high speed, it could change the roller direction and create a lot of drag.  This aluminum type Sidewing and rollers are reliable for the roller direction and creates less drag.  Modifications may be required for some chassis.

#011.jpg #011   Free Mount Pole Set

Free Mount Pole Set can be installed to a Sidewing of the car and the pole has threads in its entire length, so a side roller can be set at any desired height.   Package includes two poles, two aluminum balls.  Side rollers are not included.

#054.jpg #054   Metal Propeller Shaft, for 2,3,4,5 and FM chassis

Stronger and bigger Metal Propeller Shaft with the metal gears on its both ends will help in giving a spin motion to the front wheels without any loss of the engine power.  Package includes one propeller shaft and two 9T pinion gears.        For Tamiya's 2, 3, 4, 5, and FM chassis.

#060.jpg #060   Battery Holder & Body Catch

Aluminum made battery holder provides better heat dissipation.  Metal Body Catch not only gives better looks, but also provides solid fastening of the body.

#061.jpg #061   Shaft Support Ring ( axle bushing )

Solid metal Shaft Support Rings provide reliable support for a high speed spinning of axle.  Package includes four bushings.

#062.jpg #062   Rubber Ring, large

Spare Rubber Rings for large aluminum roller, 18mm.  Package includes four rubber rings.

#063.jpg #063   Rubber Ring, small

Spare Rubber Rings for small aluminum roller, 16mm.  Package includes four rubber rings.

#067.jpg #067  Metal Body Fastener ( for Tricycle )

There is no fastening system to hook a body on a tricycle chassis.  You will need this Metal Body Fastener for a Tricycle setup.

#081.jpg #081   Aluminum Side Plate

Aluminum Side Plate will connect a front and a rear bumpers by installing on both side of screws.  It not only provides stability, but also reinforces both bumpers.  The rollers, especially front rollers, will frequently change its position or its angle when these hit the fence on corners.  Aluminum Side Plate will minimize that tendency and give a stable run.

#086.jpg #086   F.R.P. Reinforcement Plate, for Super 1 and O'kami chassis

During high speed racing on corners, the chassis will twist due to car's forward momentum.  That's why reinforcing a chassis is very important.  Two F.R.P. Reinforcement Plates for a chassis's front and two for the sides.   For Tamiya's Super 1 and O'kami 4WD chassis ONLY.

#094.jpg #094   Motor Cooler ( motor heat sink )

You probably have noticed that a motor gets hot right after racing.  Motor may not be performing its original power, because of the heat.  An aluminum made Motor Cooler will keep motor alive by radiating the heat.  It is easy to install.   Just attach Motor Cooler to the motor can and fasten by a screw, (some chassises may require to drill a hole on its back).

#098.jpg #098   Aluminum Ball

Colorful Aluminum Balls not only give good looks, but also provides safety.  Covering the exposed screws by these Aluminum Balls will be good for other racers, in case a car flies off the track..  Package includes four pieces.

#099.jpg #099   Aluminum Spacer

Colorful Aluminum Spacers are useful for adjusting a side roller's height.  Package includes two each of short, medium and long sizes.

#100.jpg #100   Strong Rubber Band

Why rubber band?  These Strong Rubber Bands are hundred times stronger than regular bands and they are very useful for a Mini 4WD.  The Strong Rubber Bands can be used in many ways, such as fastening a body to a chassis, fastening a motor to a motor case or fastening a motor case to a chassis when these snap-on parts are broken.  These rubber bands are really STRONG!!!

#108.jpg #108   Radiator Battery Holder, for ZERO, Super 1 and O'kami chassis

Batteries become so hot during high speed racing as well as the motor.  Especially when using a high r.p.m. motor.  Aluminum made Radiator Battery Holder will help radiate the battery's heat and giving a smooth current flow to the engine at all times.  For Tamiya's ZERO, Super 1 and O'kami chassis ONLY.

#112.jpg #112   Pinion Puller

STOP pulling pinion gears!  It will damage a gear which is one of the most effective parts to the car performance.  A damaged gear will never do its original performance and never mesh evenly.  Use a Pinion Puller.  It's reliable and no hassle to pull off.

#128.jpg #128   Plastic Side Plate & Spacer Set

An economy pack of the plastic accessories.  Package includes four balls to cover exposed screws, twelve variety sized spacers for adjusting the side roller's height and two side plates to reinforce a chassis.

#157.jpg #157   Battery Base, for Recharger and Discharger

Recharging or discharging the batteries is one of the basic preparations for a race.  Aluminum made battery base can hold up to 8 AA batteries and its cable end can be connected to the output of a charger or to the input of a discharger.    Chargers are NOT included.  Only battery base.

#201.jpg #201   Express Discharger

Compact size discharger will make it possible to carry, store or use anywhere.   Size : 2 1/4"  x  3 3/4".  A state-of -the-art discharger will make the battery preparation easier.  Simply put two AA Ni-Cd batteries into an Express Discharger, then leave them alone until discharging is completed.  It takes approximately 30 minutes to drain all energy from the maximum charged 700mAh batteries.                 For AA Ni-Cd batteries ONLY.

#205.jpg #205   F.R.P. Spacers ( 1.5mm thickness x   20 pieces )

The hardest and lightest spacers currently available in the market.  It won't be cracked or damaged even if you screw tightly.  It is the best spacer for adjusting a side roller's height.  Package includes 20 of spacers.

#204.jpg #204   Motor Accessory Case

Inside the Motor Accessory Case, it is divided to store 4 motors and 6 armatures separately.  Case size is approximately 4 1/2" x  3 1/2".

#211.jpg #211   Pinion & Spur Gear Case

This plastic case is divided into 14 sections for different sizes of pinion and spur gears.  12T to 18T pinion gears and 26T to 32T spur gears can be stored in each section.

#A-4.jpg #A-4   F.R.P. Reinforcement Plate

During a high speed race on corners, the chassis will be twisted due to a car's forward momentum.  That's why reinforcing a chassis is very important to minimize speed down.  A thicker F.R.P. Reinforcement Plate is useful for making a chassis stronger.  Cut a plate any size you need, then attach it to the chassis's side with glue.  These plates can also be used for a regular sized bumper plate.  Package includes four plates.


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