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Optional ricambi hop up parts Okami per mini 4wd

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Motor parts

Questi sono i componenti per realizzare il proprio motore. Combinandoli si possono ottenere motori con prestazioni formidabili.

#041.jpg Parts #41    Motor Can

Empty motor can plus endbell with ball bearing both side.  Gold can.

#045.jpg Parts #45   Commutator
#074.jpg Parts #74-1   Magnet Wire, 0.40mm

Parts #74-2   Magnet Wire, 0.50mm

Parts #74-3   Magnet Wire, 0.55mm

Parts #74-4   Magnet Wire, 0.60mm

Parts #74-5   Magnet Wire, 0.65mm

#076.jpg Parts #76   Armature Blank

Same armature as Type 4 motor.  No magnet wire winded.

#080.jpg Parts #79   Magnet :    Thin version

Parts #80   Magnet :    Thick version, same as Type 4 motor.


More New Parts


#283.jpg Parts #280   Super Spur Gear 34T, (10 pcs.)

Parts #281    Super Spur Gear 35T, (10 pcs.)

Parts #282   Super Spur Gear 36T, (10 pcs.)

Parts #283   Super Spur Gear 38T, (10 pcs.)

  Parts #315   Delrin Roller 22.0mm, spare, no bearing (10 pcs.)

Parts #316   Delrin Roller 22.5mm, spare, no bearing (10 pcs.)

Parts #317   Delrin Roller 23.0mm, spare, no bearing (10 pcs.)

Spare side roller, no bearing inside, is specially made from polyacetal, other name of "DELRIN".  Stronger than regular plastic roller, however it may be worn out sooner due to its sharp edge which is designed for less drag for high speed.

#332.jpg Parts #332   Wheel Puller

Wheel pulling tool, specially designed for use of new O'kami FH Wheel and KAZ Wheel.   You will protect an axle from bending by using this tool, while taking wheel out of it.

#340.jpg Parts #340   Roller Bearing Tool

Simple and innovative tool makes you easy to install a ball bearing into a spare roller.  It also can be used for removing a bearing from roller.   You can totally depend on this precision tool !

#A-25.jpg Parts #A-25   NSK Super Bearing for roller

The most precise ball bearing in this industry made by NSK.  This is different bearing than the one already built in a plastic roller.   Pack of 8.  You may need a bearing tool, parts #340 to install NSK Super Bearing into a spare roller.



New Parts for ALIEN XF-1 Chassis

I seguenti pezzi sono ideati per il telaio Alien XF-1 che fa parte della classe dei tricicli o fencecar.

#276.jpg Parts #276   Black F.R.P. Bumper, for Alien XF-1 Chassis

Black F.R.P. bumper with supporting guide and stabilizers will make your Alien car more stiffer when you replace them, in case an original bumper arms broke.  No screw hole on this bumper plate so you have to drill for any size of roller you have.  Installation requires gluing and modification.   Recommended for an advanced racer.

#277.jpg Parts #277   Carbon Bumper, for Alien XF-1 Chassis

The hardest material, carbon graphite is used for this bumper and that makes your Alien car much more stiffer with supporting guide.   If an original bumper arms broke, replace it with the hardest bumper.  No screw holes on this bumper plate so you have to drill for any size of roller you have.   Installation requires gluing and modification.  Recommended for an advanced racer.

#365.jpg Parts #364   Alien Upgrade Parts, Black color

Parts #365    Alien Upgrade Parts, Blue color

This is designed for being able to run both directions of Alien XF-1 car without setting bumper angle toward running direction, by putting Angle Spacers.  A regular O'kami F.R.P. bumpers which have not specifically designed for Alien XF-1 can also be used by fastening with Bumper Support Guide.  Pack of 10 Angle Spacers, 4 Bumper Support Guide, 2 Stabilizers and 2 Motor Fastener.   Color : black or blue.

#A-24.jpg Parts #A-24   Gear Set, for Alien XF-1 Chassis ( 15T:30T,  17T:35T )

2 set of 15T pinion and 30T spur gear combination, and 2 set of 17T pinion and 35T spur gear combination for Alien XF-1 chassis.


ALIEN XF-1 Tricycle Chassis


The chassis made out of highest quality polycarbonate is lighter weight, stronger and more durable than regular plastic chassis.  It includes everything for basic chassis setup, bumpers, stabilizers, motor cover or terminal switch.  New generation's chassis got totally unique design on its construction.  You can easily assemble this chassis by just sliding bumper into the hole on chassis.  Gauge on bumper support ring makes you easy to set roller angle and you can choose three motor position depending on size of gear you use.  Alien XF-1 chassis got many other features which you have never seen before and  takes you to the new world of Mini racer.

Parts #A-23    ALIEN XF-1 Tricycle Chassis


ALIEN XF-1 chassis

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